Zzyzx Road

from by Lumpkins

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Between Vegas and L.A.
There's a sinful place that I have found
Under a constellation
Of a pentagram formation
Zzyzx Road is the Devil's playground

Well I drove my truck down I-15
I was halfway in-between
Sin City and the Angel's Wasteland
I had to stop and filler up
And put some liquid in my cup
And that's when a strange man offered his hand

He said "Hey now
My name is Curtis Howe
You look fatigued, why don't you take a rest?
I got a good book
And I'm a damn good cook
Are you thirsty? Cuz it's drinks I do the best"

Well I sat down and began to read
And Curtis was eager to feed
Me stew from a vat upon the range
"Whatchoo drinkin?" "Sum'n strong!"
"Boy howdy you just can't go wrong,
And peace of mind is what I can arrange"

Well I started
To feel funny in my head
And Curtis was to laugh maniacally
And before I could think
About what was in this drink
He was leadin' me into the Mojave

He said "I've got to exorcize
The demons I just put inside"
Then ol' Curt, he tied me to a pole
The vultures were to peck my eyes
And despite all my screams and cries
No one was around, not a soul

And that's when
He took some kindling
And put it at the base by my shoes
Lit a match
And made the kindling catch
Said "The lord demands that you pay your dues!"

And as the flames began to creep
Up my back, I fell asleep
And the darkness brought a sour note
It and I were tumblin' down
Distortion tones and underground
And images of sacrificial goat

Oh lord, deliver me from evil
Oh lord, watch me from above
Oh lord, deliver me
From demons, minions and the sea
Of fire that I'm drowning in, Oh lord!

Well I floated
Down the firey riverbed
Until I reached a chamber filled with screams
And atop a throne
Was a man I've never known
But I swear that I had seen him in my dreams

Well he spoke like a sonic boom
Said "Prepare, scum, to meet your doom
I'll make you slave inside my sulfur mine
Because you've lived a life a sin
Let's begin the extraction
Of your soul, because it is now mine

I said "Wait!
Is there room for debate?
Is there any recourse that I have?"
He said "NO!
It is your time to go!
Your pathetic grasp for life just makes me laugh"

Well I fell down upon my knees
And cried out "Mister, can't you please
Hear my plea and listen to what I say?
I am much too young to die
I was murdered by a guy
On Zzyzx Road in Californ-I-A

So he said "Ok, son
I'd like to have some fun
So I suppose I will grant your request
But you need to show
That you deserve to go
And so I'm going to put you to the test

I challenge you to a game of cards
Against myself and my demon guards"
Hold 'em, with the highest stakes I've played
He was good, he was a shark
And If I lost, I'd wear his mark
But I kept winnin' hands, I'm not afraid

Well it came down
To the final round
And pocket aces was my final hand
I laid 'em down
Then I was layin' on the ground
Beneath the desert sun in the sand

Well I swear I'll never ever see
That kind of depravity
Anywhere else in this whole state
Excuse me if you couldn't tell
But I have just returned from Hell
So pardon me if I'm a little late

Between Vegas and L.A.
There's a sinful place that I have found
Under a constellation
Of a pentagram formation
Zzyzx Road is the Devil's playground


from Problems & Flames, released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Lumpkins Bellingham, Washington

Lumpkins play uniquely Northwestern Country Music

Lumpkins are:

David Ney - Guitar, Voice
Kevin Lee - Guitar, Voice
Tyler Clarke - Electric Guitar
Christopher Stainback - Bass
Ross Robinette - Drums
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