Problems & Flames

by Lumpkins

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The second album by Lumpkins


released August 13, 2013

All songs written by David Ney (Strayney Music) except "Hello, Mr. Death" by David Ney and Kevin Lee, and "Feel the Strain of Sorrow Never Ceasing" by Beck Hansen
Produced by Pat Gay, David Ney, and Kevin Lee
Engineered by Pat Gay @ Sleng Teng, Bellingham WA
Mixed by Pat Gay
Mastered by Paul Turpin @ Champion St. Sound Studios, Bellingham WA
Artwork by Kevin Lee & Ross Robinette


Tyler Clarke: Electric Guitar
Kevin Lee: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
David Ney: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Ross Robinette: Drums, Organ
Christopher Stainback: Bass


The Shakedown, Cap Hansen's, The Conor Byrne, Redlight, Honey Moon, The Green Frog, Avielle Heath, Audra Robson, Make.shift, Falling Upstairs, Go Slowpoke, Scumeating, Dusty Pie & the Rusty Wankers, I Love You Avalanche, Biagio and the Argonauts, Lana Rebel, Maria Cantrell, Megan Blaney, Kat Bula, The Swearengens, Keaton Collective, Aaron Harmonson, Mara Fields, Karl Olson, Cam McLaughlin, Peter Woiwod, Micah and Jake Knapp, Zach Zinn, Natasha Loewy, Rod Lotter, Kari Severns, Marissa Dimick, NW Folklife Festival, The Brown Lantern, Pressgang Retail and Thomas Culvar, Django Bohren, Curtis Howe Springer, #20 Kregg Lumpkin RB, Lee Lumpkins, Valerie Brogden, Wes Davis, anybody who ever paid a cover to see us play, Hollow Earth, Matt Fu, Jessica Sele, Nicky Andrews, Avalon Discs, Spencer Wilhoft, Cherry Blossom Family Delivery, The Gooch, Slim's (PDX), Alberta St. Pub, Megan Housekeeper, What’s Up! Magazine



all rights reserved


Lumpkins Bellingham, Washington

Lumpkins play uniquely Northwestern Country Music

Lumpkins are:

David Ney - Guitar, Voice
Kevin Lee - Guitar, Voice
Tyler Clarke - Electric Guitar
Christopher Stainback - Bass
Ross Robinette - Drums
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Track Name: Hello, Mr. Death
Oh hello Mr. Death
What have you got for me today?
You're always showin' up
Seems like you only want to play
Though you have a sense of humor
You've got a job to do
Will this finally be the day
When I will follow you?

Oh hello Mr. Death
Why do you show your face 'round here?
You're always comin' round
And I am losin' all my fear
You're the boy who cried wolf
And when that wolf arrives
You will laugh and raise your staff
And take me by surprise

Oh hello Mr. Death
Is it my time yet?
Oh Mr. Death you are such a tease
Stop toying with me please please please

Oh hello Mr. Death
Is it my turn quite yet
The suspense it kills me
And fills me with regret
It's too late to reverse it
After all I showed you in
Why are you torturing me
With your ugly, toothy grin

Oh hello Mr. Death
Please don't cry wolf again
I can't stand any more of this
Please bring me to an end
Pull the plug, just let me die
No more life support
Don't be a tease, don't fuck with me
No games of any sort
Track Name: The Staircase Song
I used to walk
Slowly down the staircase
But recently I learned a faster way
Well I sit upon the handrail
And now I'm slidin' down
Down that spiral staircase round & round

And I'll keep slidin' down that staircase
Until I hit the ground
Slidin' down that staircase
Round & round
Well my speed keeps on increasing
And I keep headin' down
Down that spiral staircase round & round

I used to see
The scenery so clearly
Well I really used to enjoy the view
Now it just passes by me
And the wind, it is a howlin'
As I ride that staircase round & round

I know someday
I'll fall on my face
Well I know I'll reach the bottom of that staircase
Well I can't enjoy the ride
And I can't hear pleasant sound
As I plummet down that staircase round & round
Track Name: Problems & Flames
I've been havin' too many of them lost weekends
Memory it fades
Wakin' up on the floor amongst beer cans and mirrors
And razor blades
No I ain't a weekend warrior it just goes on and on
All through the week
Every week of every month
Every month of every year
I'm on a losin' streak

Stimulants, they keep me up
And the booze, it keeps me down
There's all kinds of rumors 'bout me
Spreadin' all around the town
And my eyes are always red
And the skies are always grey
I'm fightin' off them hunger pains
My headaches just won't go away

But hey
I've got problems
I've got flames
All around me
And it's burnin', I'm in pain
I can't descend any lower
I'm in the deepest pit
Down at the bottom
And I know that this is it
Someday this hole will be filled
And my wish is fulfilled

I've been havin' too many of them lost weekends
They're catchin' up with me
I get so bent out of shape about the state that I'm in
I need a remedy
But I know I'll never find one
So I'll just keep on boozin'
And poppin' pills
And I know I'll never wise up
So I'll just keep hurting myself
Until it kills

I'm not gettin' any sun
It's been 40 days of rain
And the whiskey makes a void
Where there used to be a brain
I get angry messages
'Bout the things that I did say
But I don't remember them
The fleeting thoughts have gone away

And I know the reaper's near
I can't avoid his icy touch
I've been goin' too far down
And I've consumed way too much
I'm fatigued beyond belief
I'm feelin' tired every day
I've been lookin' down and out
And my old friends, they went away
Track Name: Feel the Strain of Sorrow Never Ceasing
On the old forgotten crossways where the 14 rivers did meet
The bones of our elders were lyin' in the streets
On a dark and dusty desert, like a ghost I've flown
I barely cried wherever I ride, I've never found a home

Feel the strain of sorrow never ceasing

I am a ramshackler, I go from town to town
And where there is no shelter, I lay upon the ground
I killed every reason they gave for me to stay
Cussed and moaned and burned the bone
And dragged that that thing away

There's saints and there's animals
They've taken what they could
And it's written in the pages
Do just like they should
They've stood the test and burned the rest
And tore them limb from limb
It's marked upon their faces
It's written on their skin
Track Name: Dying
Place my deathbed next to the record shelf
Within reach so I can pick them out myself
I want to hear Piaf and Holiday sing
And they will comfort me through times which are trying

And if I'm able I'll start the turntable
And listen to my records as I'm dying

Place the speakers right next to my ears
It's all I've wanted after all of these years
I want to block out those church bells that ring
It is not them for which I am vying

This will be the final time I put on vinyl
And listen to my records as I'm dying

So let the drummers drum
And let the crooners croon
And they will comfort me
On dreary afternoons
And now that I am here
In the hospice wing
It's what I need to hear as I am lying

I guess this is it now
I'll turn the speakers up loud
And listen to my records as I'm dying

No, I'm not troubled this is just reality
I don't believe in hell or eternity
I'm not concerned with what the afterlife will bring
I hear my neighbors and their families crying

As I prepare to leave
I'll pull out the next sleeve
And listen to my records as I'm dying
Track Name: Dead Man's Hand
I been lost
And I don't think I'll be found
And I don't know how long
I'll be around
My insides eat themselves
To the core
Death is knockin' at my door

I can feel it
My mind is goin'
I toss and turn
Til the break of day
I'm feelin' weak
I can barely stand
I been dealt a dead man's hand

Come on dealer
I need some luck
It's my last chance
This is my last buck
Come on dealer
Won't you deal me in
For once in my life
I'd like to win

I can't believe
What they're puttin' me through
Did I deserve this
What did I do
The consequences of my actions take their toll
I guess I've been irresponsible

That's why I write
These desperate words
Think about my life
And it burns
That's why I play
In this dreary band
I been dealt a dead man's hand
Track Name: Don't Lie
I told you from the start
How it was going to be
How I couldn't be your boyfriend
Cuz all I do is cheat
When I'm with other women
You're engulfed in jealousy
You tell me you're not bothered
But it's obvious you are
I can see
The look on your face
And that escaping tear
So don't lie to me and tell me what I want to hear

You know I've been up front
I tried to relate
That I'm too independent
For you and I to date
We had an understanding
That was non-negotiable
That if we were to do this
It wouldn't ever lead to trouble
But I'm afraid what's happened
Is exactly what I feared
So don't lie to me and tell me what I want to hear

How can I impress upon you
That I really care
And that if you need a friend
You know I will be there
But I'm just no damn good
At this thing called love
If that's what you're lookin' for
You're better off lookin' in another direction

Cuz I know what you're seeking
And I'm not what you need I am one of many
Fish in the sea
I can't stand that I hurt you
And now I'm led to feel guilty
But I don't know why I should
You say that you're happy
But I can see
The sadness in your eyes
Yes that is how you appear
So don't lie to me and tell me what I want to hear
Track Name: Why Do You Treat Me Like a Stranger?
Why do you treat me like a stranger?
Don't you think we have a past?
We still have things that we can talk about
Even if our love, it did not last

Why do you treat me like a stranger?
You know these games have got to end
Just because you're not my lover
Doesn't mean that you are not my friend

You said
We would be on good terms
You said that you still care
Now you've got your new group of friends
And you pretend like I'm not there
I saw you the other day
And you just looked away

Why do you treat me like a stranger?
I think this has gone far enough
You know I stuck by when your life got hard
I was there for you when things got tough

Why do you treat me like a stranger?
Well you just snub me left and right
Why do you have to be so cruel to me
I really wish that you would shed some light

You said
Nothing would change
You seemed sincere and kind
You said "call me anytime you need"
But it seems you've changed your mind
Cuz when I try to get ahold of you
The calls don't make it through

Why do you treat me like a stranger?
I suspect it's what you use
With all your new friends and their habits
And the new poisons that you seem to choose

Why do you treat me like a stranger?
I don't like how you are towards me
You know you used to be my best friend
And now you treat me like a nobody

Why do you treat me like a stranger?
Track Name: How Long?
It's been a long time coming
And it's come to a head
I don't know how I have gone so long
I should already be dead

Somewhere between the drink and the high
You'll see my body floatin' between the ocean and the sky
And I'm wonderin' how long it's gonna take
Before my body's gonna break

I've got a good ticker
Yes I was built to last
But I've thrown too many wrenches
Into the gears too fast

Now my engine don't run like it used to
I'm slowin' down and sputterin' and don't have a pit crew
And I'm wonderin' how long it's gonna take
Before my body's gonna break

It's been a long time comin'
And I've certainly been warned
After all is said and done
I know I will be mourned

I'm sorry that I didn't take better care
I'm sorry if this song is just too much for you to bear
But I don't want no funeral
I would prefer a wake
When my body is to break
Track Name: Zzyzx Road
Between Vegas and L.A.
There's a sinful place that I have found
Under a constellation
Of a pentagram formation
Zzyzx Road is the Devil's playground

Well I drove my truck down I-15
I was halfway in-between
Sin City and the Angel's Wasteland
I had to stop and filler up
And put some liquid in my cup
And that's when a strange man offered his hand

He said "Hey now
My name is Curtis Howe
You look fatigued, why don't you take a rest?
I got a good book
And I'm a damn good cook
Are you thirsty? Cuz it's drinks I do the best"

Well I sat down and began to read
And Curtis was eager to feed
Me stew from a vat upon the range
"Whatchoo drinkin?" "Sum'n strong!"
"Boy howdy you just can't go wrong,
And peace of mind is what I can arrange"

Well I started
To feel funny in my head
And Curtis was to laugh maniacally
And before I could think
About what was in this drink
He was leadin' me into the Mojave

He said "I've got to exorcize
The demons I just put inside"
Then ol' Curt, he tied me to a pole
The vultures were to peck my eyes
And despite all my screams and cries
No one was around, not a soul

And that's when
He took some kindling
And put it at the base by my shoes
Lit a match
And made the kindling catch
Said "The lord demands that you pay your dues!"

And as the flames began to creep
Up my back, I fell asleep
And the darkness brought a sour note
It and I were tumblin' down
Distortion tones and underground
And images of sacrificial goat

Oh lord, deliver me from evil
Oh lord, watch me from above
Oh lord, deliver me
From demons, minions and the sea
Of fire that I'm drowning in, Oh lord!

Well I floated
Down the firey riverbed
Until I reached a chamber filled with screams
And atop a throne
Was a man I've never known
But I swear that I had seen him in my dreams

Well he spoke like a sonic boom
Said "Prepare, scum, to meet your doom
I'll make you slave inside my sulfur mine
Because you've lived a life a sin
Let's begin the extraction
Of your soul, because it is now mine

I said "Wait!
Is there room for debate?
Is there any recourse that I have?"
He said "NO!
It is your time to go!
Your pathetic grasp for life just makes me laugh"

Well I fell down upon my knees
And cried out "Mister, can't you please
Hear my plea and listen to what I say?
I am much too young to die
I was murdered by a guy
On Zzyzx Road in Californ-I-A

So he said "Ok, son
I'd like to have some fun
So I suppose I will grant your request
But you need to show
That you deserve to go
And so I'm going to put you to the test

I challenge you to a game of cards
Against myself and my demon guards"
Hold 'em, with the highest stakes I've played
He was good, he was a shark
And If I lost, I'd wear his mark
But I kept winnin' hands, I'm not afraid

Well it came down
To the final round
And pocket aces was my final hand
I laid 'em down
Then I was layin' on the ground
Beneath the desert sun in the sand

Well I swear I'll never ever see
That kind of depravity
Anywhere else in this whole state
Excuse me if you couldn't tell
But I have just returned from Hell
So pardon me if I'm a little late

Between Vegas and L.A.
There's a sinful place that I have found
Under a constellation
Of a pentagram formation
Zzyzx Road is the Devil's playground